Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Snow Walk @ I-City Shah Alam

Throwback January 2014

Malaysia is a famous country known for it's hot weather. We Malaysians either experience the hot sun or the wet rain. No winter, no spring, no autumn. Sigh..

But wait!

Hey who said we couldn't experience the ice and the cold?

Let me bring you to a cool place in Malaysia where you can experience snow.
Located at the capital of Selangor, Snow Walk @ I-City Shah Alam is the perfect place to go.

Here's the details for Snow Walk @ I-City:

Ticket price: RM25 (adult), RM20 (children)

I'm not really sure if there is an increase in the pricing now. Since GST is now applied. So better check. Probably it won't differ much.

Anyway, I went there with my dad and my youngest brother.
It was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I'm telling you. Will be even fun-er if you spend your time with family or friends who are as crazy as you. Haha.

So want to take a sneak peak inside?

Here you go!

Happy me :D

Adults can play this too. Well, I did!

Decorations inside, you can find many more of these :)

We used our own jumpers and jackets.

I think my dad is adorable. Hehehe

It's freezinggggg cold inside!

Oh yes, it is also advisable that you bring your own sweater, gloves and other items necessary to keep you warm inside the icy coldness. Unless you are willing to pay extra and use sweaters worn by thousands other people ehehe :D

There are many more attractions actually at I-City Shah Alam. Waterpark, Museums. Archery, and the scenery during night time is also nice. I would love to go there again and have a nice and relaxing date with my husband, one day in the future. :D

Thank you.

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